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Improvising on an instrumental version of one of my songs "Shooting Stars". The coming years are dedicated to publishing all the music i have written through my life.

Rehearsing improvised ambient soundscapes with loopstation, flute and piano before a concert.

"sanipa" my first published vocal song, an incantation and meditation for my mother the sea and my father the sun.

Rehearsing the newly written song "Love is on your side" with "Straybirds" aka Runi Vayu and Inez Dalbaek

A mantra for Kali in danish, to help my friend survive a deathsentence from stage 4 lungcancer (We sang it every day for months - today she is cured, alive and kicking!) Thank you to all the dear friends who contributed: Francisca Marchan, Stine T. Andersen, Kim Grønhøj, Arnt Hjortkilde and Dida Waudir Liebmann

runi vayu.jpg
runi vayu.jpg

Runi Vayu

When I close my eyes - Who am I?

I can not locate any boundaries or fixed form
more like an endless sea of impulses and sensations
Feelings, thoughts, sounds and vibrations

The taste of seasalt, the smell of seaweed
the waves of the ocean crashing inside of me

A breeze moving, dancing through the air
the wind singing, invoking a prayer

Memories & projections of what and who
pictures of me and pictures of you

I have no name, yet I have many
brother of Hanuman, Son of Vayu

I open my eyes, I see no head
I see no face, but I´m not dead

When I close my eyes, who am I?
Someone is breathing, I am alive

I am the ocean, I am the wind
I am space for life happening

- Runi Vayu (Sonur Vindsins, Søn af vinden)

Runi Vayu

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