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Runi Gindesgaard

My name is Runi Gindesgaard. I live in Denmark, by the sea north of Copenhagen. 
I have more than 30 years of experience with voice therapy, selfhealing through sound, vocal soundhealing, nada yoga and pranayamas. I am a music teacher and multi instrumentalist, certified from the University of Aarhus
and a certified bodytherapist with focus on myofacial release and chinese meridian therapy/acupressure/acupuncture. In addition I have a vocal soundtherapy education from 9 yrs of studying with the internationally renowned soundhealer Githa Ben David.

My deepest education is from a life of sadhana for several years in ashrams,
while studying music and yoga with different teachers:
Rhythm/percussion - Emmanuel Abdul Rahim, Conservatorie of Malmö
Classical music - Lone Frederiksen, Aalborg Conservatorie
Silver Flute - Mads Johansen, Royal Danish Symphony Orchestra
Singing - Helge Drenck, the Royal Danish Music Conservatorie
Piano - Lotte Toftemark,  the Royal Danish Music Conservatorie
Yoga, Pranayamas - Ananda Murti (Satyananada/Sivananda)
Prana Vidya - Janakananda (Satyananada/Sivananda)
Nada yoga - Roop Verma
Nada Yoga - Sita (Rishikesh)
Nada Yoga - Tahir shah Jee (Quawal tradition) 

"Nada Vidya" is my own term for the selfhealing techniques that I use and teach. Its made from combining the names of the two disciplines that have inspired me the most. Nada Yoga (Sound Yoga) and Prana Vidya (Yogic Selfhealing).
It could mean something like "knowledge of sound"

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